Trio Vapes

What is priming?

‘Priming’ means preparing the coil for use so that the cotton inside doesn’t burn the first time the device is used after filling.

To do this, just drop e-liquid into the little circles around the sides of the coil. Do this as much as you can so that the cotton soaks up as much e-liquid as possible. Next, fill the tank and once it’s filled let the tank sit for at least one minute to let the e-liquid soak further. Next, break in the coil by turning on the unit and setting the wattage to the lowest it goes. Fire the unit for a couple of seconds, then increase the wattage and fire again. Keep doing this until you reach your ideal wattage and then begin vaping.

NOTE: Some units don’t start at 1W (e.g. the Polaris Vape Pen Mini is set on 30W and cannot be adjusted), so they need to be ‘pulsed’ during priming.