Trio Vapes

How do I charge my unit and how do I know when it’s fully charged?

Connect the USB cable to the micro USB port and plug into either a wall adapter or a computer. Each unit will have a different way of displaying its battery while charging.

Polaris Vape Pen Mini: While charging, the LED light will stay on the entire time. When it has charged fully, it will flash three times before turning off. It takes three hours to charge fully from empty.

Lambo: When the Lambo battery is almost flat, the lights will flash red 8 times and you won’t be able to use the device until it’s charged. You may also notice that towards the end of the battery’s life the flavour and vapour production is reduced. When you plug the Lambo in to charge (with the micro USB cable via computer or power point) the lights will flash pink 3 times and then the red light will stay on for a couple of minutes (red means almost flat). It will then change to white and stay on for the duration of charging. The light will turn off when the battery is full. It takes 90 minutes to charge the Lambo fully from empty.