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Which coils fit my unit?

All Trio Vapes coils are made specifically for their respective units; they work with their own coils only. Coils are available at most stores stocking the respective unit. If you’d like to know your closest store/s stocking a particular coil, direct message us or email

Can I adjust the airflow?

All airflows on Trio Vapes units can be adjusted, aside from the Polaris Vape Pen Pro. The Polaris Vape Pen Mini features a unique adjustable airflow. Simply place a finger partway over the long hole on the airflow base while you inhale. This will alter how tight or airy your draws are. If you want …

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How do I clean and maintain my device?

Trio Vapes units are pretty durable and self-sustaining. Just ensure you clean the tank when replacing coils and keep the device away from extreme temperatures. Do not use the device while it is charging and do not let the e-liquid level fall below the coil holes; refill before it falls too low.

What is pulsing?

Pulsing simply means instead of holding the fire button down for a couple of seconds at a time during priming, instead you ‘pulse’ the fire button – press it quickly for about one second. If you’re using a unit with an adjustable wattage (e.g. the Titan 80W, which begins at 10W), pulse it a few …

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What is priming?

‘Priming’ means preparing the coil for use so that the cotton inside doesn’t burn the first time the device is used after filling. To do this, just drop e-liquid into the little circles around the sides of the coil. Do this as much as you can so that the cotton soaks up as much e-liquid …

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