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Where can I purchase a Trio Vapes product (units, coils, e-liquid, spare parts)?

After a particular product or e-liquid flavour? Go to for a full list of local and online retailers.

Alternatively, direct message us or email and we’ll let you know your closest store/s stocking the product/s you’re looking for.

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If you have any further questions, we’d love to hear from you. Send your message through to, submit your question on the Contact page or private message us on Facebook.

Can I buy replacement glass houses for my tank?

Replacement glass houses for the Polaris Vape Pen Mini, Tremor 40W and Torrent 50W are available in stores Australia-wide. Replacement tanks are available for the Polaris Vape Pen Mini, Titan 80W, Tremor 40W and Torrent 50W.

Go to for a full list of local and online retailers. If you choose local, make sure you contact them in advance to ensure they have your item in stock.

If you’d like to know your closest store/s stocking replacement glass houses, direct message us or email

Which coils fit my unit?

All Trio Vapes coils are made specifically for their respective units; they work with their own coils only.

Coils are available at most stores stocking the respective unit. If you’d like to know your closest store/s stocking a particular coil, direct message us or email

Can I adjust the airflow?

All airflows on Trio Vapes units can be adjusted, aside from the Polaris Vape Pen Pro.

The Polaris Vape Pen Mini features a unique adjustable airflow. Simply place a finger partway over the long hole on the airflow base while you inhale. This will alter how tight or airy your draws are. If you want a mouth-to-lung vape and want to taste more flavour, restrict the airflow more. If you want a direct-lung vape, keep the airflow open.

Other units’ airflows can be adjusted by turning the airflow base.

How do I clean and maintain my device?

Trio Vapes units are pretty durable and self-sustaining. Just ensure you clean the tank when replacing coils and keep the device away from extreme temperatures. Do not use the device while it is charging and do not let the e-liquid level fall below the coil holes; refill before it falls too low.

How do I know when to change coils?

This varies depending on factors like how often you use the device, the type of e-liquid you use (quality, VG/PG level, sweetener %, etc). A moderate vaper should not need to change coils for at least a week. The best way to tell when you need a new coil is when the taste of your e-liquid begins to change, become muted or begin to taste toasty or burnt.

What is pulsing?

Pulsing simply means instead of holding the fire button down for a couple of seconds at a time during priming, instead you ‘pulse’ the fire button – press it quickly for about one second.

If you’re using a unit with an adjustable wattage (e.g. the Titan 80W, which begins at 10W), pulse it a few times on one wattage before increasing the wattage by 1W and pulsing again for a few times. Usually, once the wattage hits about 8-10W, you can start firing the fire button for longer periods, e.g. 2-3 seconds at a time.

TIP: Monitor how you’re going with breaking in the coil by smelling the tank with each wattage you increase. If it continues to smell pleasant, the coil is being broken in well. If it smells burnt, you may have burnt the coil and you will have to use a new coil and prime it again slower.

What is priming?

‘Priming’ means preparing the coil for use so that the cotton inside doesn’t burn the first time the device is used after filling.

To do this, just drop e-liquid into the little circles around the sides of the coil. Do this as much as you can so that the cotton soaks up as much e-liquid as possible. Next, fill the tank and once it’s filled let the tank sit for at least one minute to let the e-liquid soak further. Next, break in the coil by turning on the unit and setting the wattage to the lowest it goes. Fire the unit for a couple of seconds, then increase the wattage and fire again. Keep doing this until you reach your ideal wattage and then begin vaping.

NOTE: Some units don’t start at 1W (e.g. the Polaris Vape Pen Mini is set on 30W and cannot be adjusted), so they need to be ‘pulsed’ during priming.

How do I charge my unit and how do I know when it’s fully charged?

Connect the USB cable to the micro USB port and plug into either a wall adapter or a computer. Each unit will have a different way of displaying its battery while charging.

Polaris Vape Pen Mini: While charging, the LED light will stay on the entire time. When it has charged fully, it will flash three times before turning off. It takes three hours to charge fully from empty.

Lambo: When the Lambo battery is almost flat, the lights will flash red 8 times and you won’t be able to use the device until it’s charged. You may also notice that towards the end of the battery’s life the flavour and vapour production is reduced. When you plug the Lambo in to charge (with the micro USB cable via computer or power point) the lights will flash pink 3 times and then the red light will stay on for a couple of minutes (red means almost flat). It will then change to white and stay on for the duration of charging. The light will turn off when the battery is full. It takes 90 minutes to charge the Lambo fully from empty.

How do I fill the tank?

Check out this quick film on how to fill the Polaris Vape Pen Mini.

How much do spare coils cost?

Generally, coils range in price from approximately $20-$30 for a pack of 3-5. Prices may vary from store to store.

To buy coils for your Trio Vapes unit, go to